Clear Backpack With Reinforced Strap
Clear Backpack With Reinforced Strap
Clear Backpack With Reinforced Strap
Clear Backpack With Reinforced Strap
Clear Backpack With Reinforced Strap
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Clear Backpack With Reinforced Strap

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  • This durable and transparent backpack is constructed from quality PVC material, making it the ideal clear backpack for security, sporting events and much more!
  • The main compartment dual zipper system keeps your items secure and is perfect for carrying multiple books, folders, water bottles and more.
  • Front Zipper Accessory Pocket - Perfect for storing pens, calculator and much more.
  • Reinforced Padded Straps - Designed to provide maximum comfort and durability to ensure long-lasting use.

Be a trailblazer with our water-resistant, clear, durable book bag. Ideal for getting through TSA security airport regulations and checkpoints, and is compliant with most school and workplace requirements. The same is true for most of your favorite sports stadiums. GO TEAM!

You can even personalize your look with colored trim. Wear team colors, or show school spirit. Choose from basic black, sky blue, pink, green, mint green, grey, purple, and red. The easy to wipe clean surfaces ensure your knapsack stays clean.

School Safety & Security Compliant - A clear backpack with flair and, most importantly, room! Store everything you need to carry through your day, whether in high school/college or traveling the world -- without getting slowed down at every checkpoint!

Higher Education is a Backpack Away - Any and every institution accepts this bag, from a university campus to that first day of work in that dream office job that you landed with your degree. This bag is made for your lifestyle. Feel safe in the knowledge that you can bring everything with you, and find it easily, too.

Faster Security Checks - Spend more time getting where you want to be, and far less dealing with security. From TSA to stadium security guards, pass through inspection checkpoints with ease. Never miss a flight or a second of the big game!


Simple Bag, Endless Possibilities - Utilize your chance to show off your organizational skills, art skills (decorate this bag to showcase your personality), and of course, show off how smart you are by putting that advanced coursebook on the outside so everyone can see.

Room for Everything You Need - There is so much room to pack your items, whether traveling, shuttling off to class or an after-school activity, packing things for your kids, or whatever else you can dream up.

Convenient Features - Features large front zippered pocket, easy-grip dual cloth & metal zippers, large capacity main compartment, & reinforced padded, adjustable shoulder straps for constant comfort and strength.


  • Size: H 17" x W 12" x D 5.5" Perfect for various needs.

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